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storyhotel™ is a 'one stop shop' media content management and content production software solution. It brings you full content control and production in an box, from recording until final broadcast, and beyond.



key features of storyhotel™

  • nonstop : seamless, endless and automatic
  • logger: customisable, simple
  • editor: efficient, fast
  • lineup: comfortable, clear
  • archive: cheap, safe

  • all modules are connected in one package.
  • it's interactivity is unique on the market.
  • it's outstandingly userfriendly and fast.

storyhotel™ has 3 modules

  • producer, consisting of 3 subsections
    • nonstop for 24/7 seamless recording
    • logger for keyword indexing
    • editor to create easy rough edits
    • line up to assemble your show
  • inspector for easy online exchange and supervision

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application used to create, edit, manage and publish content in a consistently organized fashion. This is exactly what storyhotel™ is.

producer // logger

storyhotel™ logger is the process of creating an archive.

  • storyhotel™ logger describes content through categories with a simple click of a button.
  • by adding timecodes with a shortcut you can easily create your log list - your forever archive.

producer // lineup

storyhotel™ lineup is to plan your final programme.

  • storyhotel lineup receives all the clips from the edit suites.
  • they can be immediately previewed and added to the lineup control via drag and drop.
  • there they can be rearranged and you can add placeholders e.g. for commercials.
  • the lineup control always shows the current linup duration and also remaining time to fill with content.
  • lineup synchronises the status of approval with storyhotel inspector automatically.

producer // editor

storyhotel™ editor is there to create rough edits.

  • storyhotel editor is connected with the logger for browsing and spotting through the whole of your archive.
  • search with categories e.g. contestants names, locations and ratings for immediate preview.
  • all camera perspectives available in one timeline without spooling and tape change.
  • easy creation of rough edits,
  • sending rough cut with additional information e.g. voice over text and edit remarks to the editing suite by simply clicking on a button.


24/7 tapeless and seamless recording of raw video material streams in different.

  • qualities from high broadcast resolution to low offline pre-edit quality.
  • the backup is stored on LTO.
  • we maintain your footage over years without loss of quality.


storyhotel™ inspector is to approve your programme via internet at any time and anywhere.

  • storyhotel™ inspector allows you to watch your final programme via the internet.
  • sign in with a unique log in on a secure website.
  • edit suites upload the final show and you can immediately preview your show.
  • accept, reject or add changes and send the information back to the line up control with a click of a button.
  • the final show can also be sent to your mobile phone.

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